Knit One Piece + Nails

This one-piece is fantastic. I was skeptical about purchasing it but after throwing it on and checking myself out. I fell in love with it.

Also, can we talk about these nails? I’m OBSESSED with this nail design. It’s basically my personality displayed on my hands. These might be my favorite designs yet.

Snow In Houston

Well never thought I’d see this much snow here in Houston. I also can’t believe it was colder in Houston, Texas than New York City!! Two days without electricity, very little water pressure and no heat was not ideal.

But here I did get some pics! Thanks dad!

Top: Hera Concept

Pants: Nanushka off Revolve

Plaid Pants: Alice and Olivia



Clinch Belts

I recently came across this fantastic belt company named Clinch Belts. An Australian based company, their belts are by far my favorite belts I’ve ever owned. The idea is terrific! You select from a buckle size/color you love, then choose from any of their leather belt designs. They have many different colors and patterns to choose from. The one I selected was black and also zebra print. Now with any outfit, I can switch the buckles out with whatever bands I want. It comes with a small tool shapes as a seashell, and you simply twist the screws and easily switch out the buckles.

Whenever you’re traveling, you will have the weight for one buckle and have as many of the bands, which makes your bag soo much lighter. Since I am always traveling and constantly trying to figure out what belts of mine to bring with me. I now don’t have to think about which ones to bring. Only having one belt buckle and a few bands makes my bag so times lighter.

I’ve posted a few photos below of how I styled it along with the link to the brand.