My First Scorpio Friend (Other Than My Sister)

I believe the timing is everything, whether it’s job opportunities, goals, relationships, and friendships.

At a hotel in Beverly Hills. We thought the view was beautiful, and I figured this would be the perfect time to practice my photography.

This moment was the beginning of a new Friendship! Who knew!?

Model: Aubrey Paige

Wearing: Gooseberry

Shot: Meeee

Youth To The People Skin Care


Hope everyone is hanging in there during this time and staying safe.

I wanted to talk to you guys about these skincare products I came across. I went to this event in LA and was given small samples of different products. At that time, I was running out of my face wash and moisturizer. I saw in my goodie bag a brand called Youth To The People. It so happened to be both face wash and moisturizer. Which was EXACTLY what I needed.

I did some research and saw that Youth To The People was a vegan and sustainable brand. WHICH I LOVE.

Their small sample containers were so cute and appealing to the eye. Making it look adorable when on your bathroom counter. The face ash was in a mini clear glass bottle with the words “Spinach and Kale” written on it. The color of the wash was a light green (for obvious reasons). When applying the face wash, it was so lightweight and smooth!

I loved the texture of my skin after washing my face. It was NOT one of those facewash products that dry out your skin… I hate those..

The moisturizer was also in a mini clear glass lip balm jar, also with the words “Spinach and Kale”. It was a whipped texture, so when applying it, it felt so light, refreshing, and hydrating.

After using up all the samples, I was bummed and thought I HAVE to purchase these products. So I bought a big bottle of the facewash and a large jar of their moisturizer.

Since I have sensitive skin, a lot of the products I’ve used in the past would irritate my skin. I would form clumps of mini dots round my chin, making it look like I had an allergic reaction (not cute). With Youth To The People, my skin has never looked and felt so smooth and precise.

Highly recommend!

The Beauty Lab River Oaks

The other week I went to the Beauty Lab River Oaks to get a facial. The business is located in the River Oaks district (obviously) located on the 2nd floor. Right when you walk in, you feel as though you and your girlfriends should be relaxing and having drinks together. The whole ambiance made me happy and lively. Everyone who worked there was amicable and informative about any questions I had.

The facial I got was a customized facial which included dermaplaning and extractions! They have many services to choose from, but my skin needed an extraction ASAP. The Beauty Lab has fillers, botox, hair removal, and so much more to select from. (I’ll link their site below)

My facial was one of the best facials I’ve had in a while, the lady told me everything that was causing my skin to clog up and what I should do to prevent it. Although I loved how she was removing all my blackheads. It hurt a decent amount that my eyes were watering… (I have a video of me capturing the facial on my Instagram highlights) I knew it would be beneficial at the end, so I pushed through the pain! haha

A few days later, my skin looked so bright and glowy; all my blackheads, whiteheads, and impurities were gone! I definitely will be going back there to have more facials done. So anyone in Houston looking for a great beauty place. Go to the Beauty Lab River Oaks! SO WORTH IT

Billie The Label

I’ve slowly been posting a few photos wearing Billie The Label. Their sexy suits make any women feel confident and beautiful. I am a HUGE lover of them! I find it can give you the look of a confident businesswoman. The great thing about pantsuits is you can dress them up or down.

If you want to attend a business meeting, you can wear pants, a jacket with a tank, blouse, or turtle neck underneath and pairing it with heels if you want to make it look lees business. Wearing nothing or a bralette with the jacket and pairing it with some sneakers or booties gives it a more relaxed look. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, also wearing the coat with tights and boots or biker shorts is another way to style the jacket. Wearing the pants with just a tank and adding some accessories is also another way to wear the top and bottom separate.

Whether you are a woman looking for more business attire or a woman who’s just looking to look more business chic, Billie the Label is where it’s at!

Clinch Belts

I recently came across this fantastic belt company named Clinch Belts. An Australian based company, their belts are by far my favorite belts I’ve ever owned. The idea is terrific! You select from a buckle size/color you love, then choose from any of their leather belt designs. They have many different colors and patterns to choose from. The one I selected was black and also zebra print. Now with any outfit, I can switch the buckles out with whatever bands I want. It comes with a small tool shapes as a seashell, and you simply twist the screws and easily switch out the buckles.

Whenever you’re traveling, you will have the weight for one buckle and have as many of the bands, which makes your bag soo much lighter. Since I am always traveling and constantly trying to figure out what belts of mine to bring with me. I now don’t have to think about which ones to bring. Only having one belt buckle and a few bands makes my bag so times lighter.

I’ve posted a few photos below of how I styled it along with the link to the brand.