Gigi C Swim Shoot

I can’t explain how much fun this shoot was. Everyone that was at this beautiful beach house was amicable, fun, and easy to work with.

I’ve been a fan of Gigi’s brand for a while, so it was amazing to work for them finally.

Here are some of the shots. OBSESSED with photography, suits, and location!

Photographer: Ashley Seryn

Brand: Gigi C

Earrings/necklace: Reliquia Jewelry

Insta: Larissa.Schot

BTS Swim Shoot

It was such a beautiful day out in Malibu. I was so ecstatic that it was warm out while reshooting swim! This shoot was my third shoot in the past week, and I must say, I’ve been lucky with the weather.

A few of my favorite looks were the first pastel set, the green tropical set, and the last neutral-colored set.

Swim: Bare Minimal

Photographer: Ashley Seryn

BTS Photographer: Matt Teng

Deep Into Malibu

I went on a last min excursion to Malibu. Was hesitant to go with my girl friend because I didn’t know any of her friends at this houseā€¦ I didn’t want to be uncomfortable and stuck there all day. I finally pulled the trigger and decided to go. It was one of the best days I will remember.

I went surfing for the first time; I enjoyed this beautiful house that reminded me of a fairytale, took some photos. Hung out with a sweet and popular grounded DJ, grew a stronger relationship with a new girl friend and had a delicious dinner made by a chef.

These moments remind me to stop overthinking because these small opportunities form new relationships and create memories.

Swim: Sommer Swim

Malibu, CA

First time shooting with this photographer. Went to Malibu for the day and took some beautiful pics on film. This was one of my September highlights. I noticed changing my mindset on life, thinking more positively, and having more confidence in myself. Is/has brought in more loving and positive people. This being one of those moments.

We arrived in Malibu around 4pm and shot till 6pm. The weather was perfect, the water was glistening, and we could see a group of teens taking their surfing lessons. Which was pretty neat seeing. Not only that, but the sunset was the best part.


Shot By: Vince Patrick