Billie The Label

I’ve slowly been posting a few photos wearing Billie The Label. Their sexy suits make any women feel confident and beautiful. I am a HUGE lover of them! I find it can give you the look of a confident businesswoman. The great thing about pantsuits is you can dress them up or down.

If you want to attend a business meeting, you can wear pants, a jacket with a tank, blouse, or turtle neck underneath and pairing it with heels if you want to make it look lees business. Wearing nothing or a bralette with the jacket and pairing it with some sneakers or booties gives it a more relaxed look. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, also wearing the coat with tights and boots or biker shorts is another way to style the jacket. Wearing the pants with just a tank and adding some accessories is also another way to wear the top and bottom separate.

Whether you are a woman looking for more business attire or a woman who’s just looking to look more business chic, Billie the Label is where it’s at!

American vs. European beauty

I’m noticing a vast beauty difference here in Europe compared to America. I know people always mention natural beauty is loved here. But seeing it first-hand makes me really appreciate a women’s natural appeal even more. Although I’ve only been in Europe for a couple of days. I’m already seeing a distinction in the way beauty is portrayed. As women gracefully walk down the street in their cute little day dresses and their summer sandals. The one main thing I’m noticing while observing these elegant outfits are their faces with minimum to no makeup.

I find the beauty standard here blatantly different compared to America. Men and women here appreciate the natural pallet so much more than us Americans do. It’s crazy, because although I don’t wear a lot of makeup, to begin with. It’s hard for me to fully feel comfortable in strutting the town with not a single touch of mascara, bronzer or a filled-in brow!

Why do us Americans have such a different view on beauty than Europeans? Many of my girl friends (myself included) will not leave the house without any sort of makeup when grabbing casual drinks, coffee, or dinner with friends. Why do we not feel fully confident in the way we look bare? Us women take so much time to “put on our faces” as I like to call it. Some do it for others around them, some for more confidence and others just because they love makeup! Whatever the case may be, we should have more days where we wear nothing and acknowledge our blank canvas.

So being here in Paris I will be taking notes from these beautiful European women and embrace the way I look. Although this will probably be the most challenging task. I’m excited to jump out of bed and not worry about my makeup and hopefully feel even more comfortable and confident about myself. I want to challenge anyone reading this to wear no makeup for a week, and accept your natural beauty!

Paris Travels.

Since I was 18, I’ve been traveling alone. I lived in HK, Tokyo, and Taipei, (HK was by far my favorite). But every time I traveled, I knew I would be staying with a few other girls. Although I did everything myself in these foreign countries and figured everything out. I knew when I’d come home I’d have girls to talk about my day with.

I just got to Paris and will be up there for modeling. (Thanks to my amazing mother agency The Tribe Managment for always believing in me!) I’m VERY excited yet nervous about this trip. I’m so nervous because I don’t know what to expect!! And I also feel bad becasue I don’t know french! What’s my place going to look like?! (in person), will I make friends? And will they be genuine friends? I’m a huge talker therefore why I love living with people. I’m pretty comfortable traveling and being alone but never been alone for this long. I am hoping on this trip I will be working, creating, growing as a person. Paris is so artistic and beautiful, so I am obviously thrilled to learn more about the city.

Even though I am nervous, I am manifesting everything I want to accomplish while I’m here. And although I am freaking timid, I do believe that everyone should learn how to feel comfortable alone. Since when you’re alone, that’s when you connect with yourself the most. I also am a huge believer that feeling comfortable with yourself is how you become your best and most confident self. Because if you aren’t happy with the person you are, then who else is going to be? 

While I am here Paris I’m hoping to be on top of my school work (since I’m still in university) have fun with this blog, and work my ass off to achieve my goals and dreams. I will definitely be writing more about my troubles and success and also the day in the life of a model/student living in Paris!!

Therefore; stay tuned!