My First Scorpio Friend (Other Than My Sister)

I believe the timing is everything, whether itโ€™s job opportunities, goals, relationships, and friendships.

At a hotel in Beverly Hills. We thought the view was beautiful, and I figured this would be the perfect time to practice my photography.

This moment was the beginning of a new Friendship! Who knew!?

Model: Aubrey Paige

Wearing: Gooseberry

Shot: Meeee

Malibu, CA

First time shooting with this photographer. Went to Malibu for the day and took some beautiful pics on film. This was one of my September highlights. I noticed changing my mindset on life, thinking more positively, and having more confidence in myself. Is/has brought in more loving and positive people. This being one of those moments.

We arrived in Malibu around 4pm and shot till 6pm. The weather was perfect, the water was glistening, and we could see a group of teens taking their surfing lessons. Which was pretty neat seeing. Not only that, but the sunset was the best part.


Shot By: Vince Patrick


OK! So I am going to talk about one of my favorite brands in LA!

BNKR, is a brand that brings in the most fashion-forward Australian labels to the States. They carry brands including C/MEO COLLECTIVE, Keepsake, Finderkeepers, and The Fifth.

They have any outfit for any occasion. Whether you need to go somewhere elegant, or somewhere more relaxed. It is one of my go to shops!

Not only that, but they have some of the cutest heels to pair with those outfits. Seriously, adorable heels.

A few of my beloved pieces from them were this long sexy satin red dress, a plaid one-piece, a mini black skirt, and certainly way more. I posted a pic of the red dress. By far my favorite dress.

The store is located in downtown LA, and the moment you step in, you automatically feel welcomed. All the natural light perks up your mood and brings out all the colors within the store, pulling you to every piece of clothing.

Andddd their fitting rooms are massive, causing you to feel as though you’re a princess selecting your dress for the Ball. Every employee there is helpful and flexible with anything you need or want.

As a woman who loves to shop, I highly recommend BNKR. I’ve linked their site below ๐Ÿ™‚

One of my favorite pieces!