My Luxury Clean Candle Brand

I attempted to get creative and use this match when lighting my candle. I thought the images came out pretty cool.

I have the best mother because she helped me shoot some of these with my iPhone!

Check out my brand!

Youth To The People Skin Care


Hope everyone is hanging in there during this time and staying safe.

I wanted to talk to you guys about these skincare products I came across. I went to this event in LA and was given small samples of different products. At that time, I was running out of my face wash and moisturizer. I saw in my goodie bag a brand called Youth To The People. It so happened to be both face wash and moisturizer. Which was EXACTLY what I needed.

I did some research and saw that Youth To The People was a vegan and sustainable brand. WHICH I LOVE.

Their small sample containers were so cute and appealing to the eye. Making it look adorable when on your bathroom counter. The face ash was in a mini clear glass bottle with the words “Spinach and Kale” written on it. The color of the wash was a light green (for obvious reasons). When applying the face wash, it was so lightweight and smooth!

I loved the texture of my skin after washing my face. It was NOT one of those facewash products that dry out your skin… I hate those..

The moisturizer was also in a mini clear glass lip balm jar, also with the words “Spinach and Kale”. It was a whipped texture, so when applying it, it felt so light, refreshing, and hydrating.

After using up all the samples, I was bummed and thought I HAVE to purchase these products. So I bought a big bottle of the facewash and a large jar of their moisturizer.

Since I have sensitive skin, a lot of the products I’ve used in the past would irritate my skin. I would form clumps of mini dots round my chin, making it look like I had an allergic reaction (not cute). With Youth To The People, my skin has never looked and felt so smooth and precise.

Highly recommend!

The Beauty Lab River Oaks

The other week I went to the Beauty Lab River Oaks to get a facial. The business is located in the River Oaks district (obviously) located on the 2nd floor. Right when you walk in, you feel as though you and your girlfriends should be relaxing and having drinks together. The whole ambiance made me happy and lively. Everyone who worked there was amicable and informative about any questions I had.

The facial I got was a customized facial which included dermaplaning and extractions! They have many services to choose from, but my skin needed an extraction ASAP. The Beauty Lab has fillers, botox, hair removal, and so much more to select from. (I’ll link their site below)

My facial was one of the best facials I’ve had in a while, the lady told me everything that was causing my skin to clog up and what I should do to prevent it. Although I loved how she was removing all my blackheads. It hurt a decent amount that my eyes were watering… (I have a video of me capturing the facial on my Instagram highlights) I knew it would be beneficial at the end, so I pushed through the pain! haha

A few days later, my skin looked so bright and glowy; all my blackheads, whiteheads, and impurities were gone! I definitely will be going back there to have more facials done. So anyone in Houston looking for a great beauty place. Go to the Beauty Lab River Oaks! SO WORTH IT

American vs. European beauty

I’m noticing a vast beauty difference here in Europe compared to America. I know people always mention natural beauty is loved here. But seeing it first-hand makes me really appreciate a women’s natural appeal even more. Although I’ve only been in Europe for a couple of days. I’m already seeing a distinction in the way beauty is portrayed. As women gracefully walk down the street in their cute little day dresses and their summer sandals. The one main thing I’m noticing while observing these elegant outfits are their faces with minimum to no makeup.

I find the beauty standard here blatantly different compared to America. Men and women here appreciate the natural pallet so much more than us Americans do. It’s crazy, because although I don’t wear a lot of makeup, to begin with. It’s hard for me to fully feel comfortable in strutting the town with not a single touch of mascara, bronzer or a filled-in brow!

Why do us Americans have such a different view on beauty than Europeans? Many of my girl friends (myself included) will not leave the house without any sort of makeup when grabbing casual drinks, coffee, or dinner with friends. Why do we not feel fully confident in the way we look bare? Us women take so much time to “put on our faces” as I like to call it. Some do it for others around them, some for more confidence and others just because they love makeup! Whatever the case may be, we should have more days where we wear nothing and acknowledge our blank canvas.

So being here in Paris I will be taking notes from these beautiful European women and embrace the way I look. Although this will probably be the most challenging task. I’m excited to jump out of bed and not worry about my makeup and hopefully feel even more comfortable and confident about myself. I want to challenge anyone reading this to wear no makeup for a week, and accept your natural beauty!

Minimal EASY and Quick makeup look

For you women out there who are like me and don’t know much/anything about makeup, but are still interested in wearing a bit of makeup, I got you! I’m not a beauty guru, but I still like to attempt with my makeup. Mostly to even out my skin tone, brighten my eyes, or give myself some color. 

There have been many times where I’m trying to apply makeup, and I totally mess it up. I can’t do eyeliner (especially liquid), and it took me a bit to learn how to do my brows and eyeshadow properly. Like all those beautiful makeup gurus who slay away with their brushes and powders, I cannot. I’ve learned just to stick with the basics!

During most days I don’t wear foundation or BB cream, unless I’m going out to dinner or my skin is breaking out! Even when it’s breaking out, I try not to apply anything because I want it to heal ASAP!! Lately, my skin has been off, and I think it’s because of all my sugary alcoholic drinking. (Unfortunately, I LOVE my casual spicy margs and wines) oops.. as I’m drinking a rosé now… 😬 

he foundation I use is something super light and blends in with my skin. I HATE cakey and thick makeup. I feel like my skin is suffocating. I use Makeup Forever HD foundation, or BareMinerals BB cream (for my day look). For concealer, I will either use Makeup Forever Full Coverage (referred by Kourtney K.) because sometimes my under eyes get super dark! Another option I will use is Two-Faced concealer, which is a lighter texture and not as thick as the other. Which concealer I use depends on my circles and breakouts. 

I then use Hoola bronzer by Benefit to give myself extra color, because who doesn’t love the extra color and those cheekbones to pop! My highlighter is the Rose one by Smashbox, it gives you a subtle pink glow. I used to use Becca, but that would ALWAYS shatter, so I stopped. For mascara, I love Better than Sex or the Sephora Volume brand.

For brows, I came across this really cool brow kit that helps you stencil them in (thanks mom). I’m not the best at adequately filling them in freehand (although I’m getting better) so the stencil is very helpful! It works way better than freehand and is pretty quick. It’s called Beautiful Brows by Duo. After that I’ll then fluff them out with Benefit’s Gimmie Brow. I used to use the NYX wax, but I’m loving this other brand way more at the moment! The eyeshadow I’ve been using is Revolution(a random brand I came across at Ulta). I just loved the colors! Or I’ll use Smashbox’s Cover Shot Eyeshadow.

I was using a lot of reds when I had my bleach hair because it looked amaze, but with my brown hair I use neutrals or pastels. I’m slowly learning what colors work best with my hair color now. (Aka I found out green looks great on me. )

All of this is my night out look, sometimes day depending on what I’m doing. If I’m doing a minimum day makeup look, I basically do most except foundation or I “dress up or down” my eyes. Of course top it off with my DR. LIPP nipple balm. ❤

It’s usually pretty quick, I get everything done in like 10 minutes or less! 

In this Photo I used my Hoola bronzer and Rose highlighter as eyeshadow!