BTS Swim Shoot

It was such a beautiful day out in Malibu. I was so ecstatic that it was warm out while reshooting swim! This shoot was my third shoot in the past week, and I must say, I’ve been lucky with the weather.

A few of my favorite looks were the first pastel set, the green tropical set, and the last neutral-colored set.

Swim: Bare Minimal

Photographer: Ashley Seryn

BTS Photographer: Matt Teng

Halloween 2020 Full Moon

Let’s say this was the first year I was semi-prepared for Halloween and when I say semi-prepared. I mean about a week before Halloween.

Kendall Jenner inspired me. She was a Fallen Angel last year, and although I waited too long to purchase a leather-looking bodysuit. I did find this dress off of Revolve and on sale, which was even better!

My girl friend and I got dressed up and ready at mine. It took me a while to get dressed, mostly since I suck at makeup. Once we finally were ready, we snapped some pics.

My friend was one of the girls from Austin Powers or a mistress if no-one could guess her costume, haha!

We attended this party in Santa Monica and had the BEST time. (I was dancing in my own world for the most part). I love how I was able to create new memories that I will forever remember.

Fallen Angel Outfit:

Dress: Lovers and Friends

Wings + Halo: The Feather Shop

Shoes: Steve Madden (after you break them in, they will become one of your go to heels)

Wig: Amazon

Austin Powers Outfit: NO CLUE

This hair tie tho…

My First Scorpio Friend (Other Than My Sister)

I believe the timing is everything, whether it’s job opportunities, goals, relationships, and friendships.

At a hotel in Beverly Hills. We thought the view was beautiful, and I figured this would be the perfect time to practice my photography.

This moment was the beginning of a new Friendship! Who knew!?

Model: Aubrey Paige

Wearing: Gooseberry

Shot: Meeee

Malibu, CA

First time shooting with this photographer. Went to Malibu for the day and took some beautiful pics on film. This was one of my September highlights. I noticed changing my mindset on life, thinking more positively, and having more confidence in myself. Is/has brought in more loving and positive people. This being one of those moments.

We arrived in Malibu around 4pm and shot till 6pm. The weather was perfect, the water was glistening, and we could see a group of teens taking their surfing lessons. Which was pretty neat seeing. Not only that, but the sunset was the best part.


Shot By: Vince Patrick

Yodha Matcha

Hey Guys!

So Idk about you but I love matcha. Matcha lattes, matcha candy, matcha pastries, matcha KitKats. ALL SO GOOD.

I prI prefer to have my matcha in latte form, with some hemp, almond or oat milk. Then add some agave and a splash of cinnamon. If I’m really feeling like adding the extra time, I’ll add collagen.

One of the many reasons why I love matcha other than it giving you an extra burst of energy. It has fiber, antioxidants, immune support and boosts metabolism!

So I recently tried this new Japanese matcha brand called Yodha Matcha. Since I am a massive lover of matcha, I am really fucking with this one. This one is 100% organic, and none of that added sugar stuff. It comes in a little circular tin with a stainless steel measuring spoon. It is a vibrant green color, has a clean, smooth taste, and blends very well when whisked. I’ve been having an iced one every morning since I received it! I think I might try it in a smoothie tomorrow!!

Below is when I made a vegan frothed matcha with the Yodha matcha. It did look beautiful but, honestly the frothed matcha wasn’t my thing..

Also use “Larissamatcha” when checking outer 15 % off 🙂

If you do want to give it a try the recipe is posted below.

Whipped Matcha

  • Juice of canned Garbanzo beans
  • 3 stevia packets
  • 1 tsp of matcha
  • 2 tbls warm water


  • Add juice to blender and mix until thick and frothy
  • In a different bowl whisk 1tsp of matcha 2tbls of warm water and 2 packets of stevia
  • Add matcha to frothed mix and blend it togher
  • Have a cup of ice add a packet of stevia pour in your milk then add the froth!

Website Collection – Get my Matcha

Outfit Review: Revolve Dress by Lovers + Friends

OK Guys!

So even though we are cooped up in our house all day long with nowhere to go, it does not mean you can’t still look cute! There will be days where I will be lounging in my PJ’s morning to night, trying to motivate myself to complete my daily tasks.

I realized once I gathered myself, threw on a little dress and added some makeup, I was wayyy more productive and motivated.

When I dress up, I feel good and therefore get more things done! Not all clothes look and fit the same on everyone, so it’s important that I choose ones that flatter my specific body type and portray how I want to look.

I recently posted a photo (taken by my mother) wearing an orange tie-dye dress. Thanks, mom!

Before selecting the dress, I was a little bit skeptical about it. Just because I wasn’t sure how the quality of it would be. Once it arrived, I tossed it on and loved it! It was a perfect fit for any daily casual activities, beach, or pool party.

The dress enhances my features the best way possible. It shows the perfect amount of cleavage, cinches in the waist PERFECTLY, and flatters my butt. This dress accentuates the little curves I have, making it look as though I have a nice butt, which is what I love most about the dress.

The material is cotton, so it is a tad see-through. It is important to wear a nude thong with the dress. Even though it is a thinner material, it still was opaque enough to hide my nipples for you women who don’t wear bras (like myself).

Honestly, I highly recommend this dress for any summer day or even a lazy quarantined day.

*This nor any of my other reviews is an AD*