Reliquia Collective

Put this concept together to photograph these pieces. I love Reliquia’s jewelry; everything is well made and of remarkable quality. They carry simple pieces along with staple pieces.

Vince and I were thinking about how to shoot these. I thought, why not a field somewhere. I must say I wasn’t a fan of the pants I chose for this look. IDK what I was thinking.

I was feeling a bit off this day.. My body was very inflamed, and didn’t sleep well the night before. So probably why I just threw these pants on that day. But the pics came out nice! 🙂

Shot By: Vince Patrick

Jewelry: Reliquia Collective


Halloween 2020 Full Moon

Let’s say this was the first year I was semi-prepared for Halloween and when I say semi-prepared. I mean about a week before Halloween.

Kendall Jenner inspired me. She was a Fallen Angel last year, and although I waited too long to purchase a leather-looking bodysuit. I did find this dress off of Revolve and on sale, which was even better!

My girl friend and I got dressed up and ready at mine. It took me a while to get dressed, mostly since I suck at makeup. Once we finally were ready, we snapped some pics.

My friend was one of the girls from Austin Powers or a mistress if no-one could guess her costume, haha!

We attended this party in Santa Monica and had the BEST time. (I was dancing in my own world for the most part). I love how I was able to create new memories that I will forever remember.

Fallen Angel Outfit:

Dress: Lovers and Friends

Wings + Halo: The Feather Shop

Shoes: Steve Madden (after you break them in, they will become one of your go to heels)

Wig: Amazon

Austin Powers Outfit: NO CLUE

This hair tie tho…

Deep Into Malibu

I went on a last min excursion to Malibu. Was hesitant to go with my girl friend because I didn’t know any of her friends at this house… I didn’t want to be uncomfortable and stuck there all day. I finally pulled the trigger and decided to go. It was one of the best days I will remember.

I went surfing for the first time; I enjoyed this beautiful house that reminded me of a fairytale, took some photos. Hung out with a sweet and popular grounded DJ, grew a stronger relationship with a new girl friend and had a delicious dinner made by a chef.

These moments remind me to stop overthinking because these small opportunities form new relationships and create memories.

Swim: Sommer Swim

Clinch Belts

I recently came across this fantastic belt company named Clinch Belts. An Australian based company, their belts are by far my favorite belts I’ve ever owned. The idea is terrific! You select from a buckle size/color you love, then choose from any of their leather belt designs. They have many different colors and patterns to choose from. The one I selected was black and also zebra print. Now with any outfit, I can switch the buckles out with whatever bands I want. It comes with a small tool shapes as a seashell, and you simply twist the screws and easily switch out the buckles.

Whenever you’re traveling, you will have the weight for one buckle and have as many of the bands, which makes your bag soo much lighter. Since I am always traveling and constantly trying to figure out what belts of mine to bring with me. I now don’t have to think about which ones to bring. Only having one belt buckle and a few bands makes my bag so times lighter.

I’ve posted a few photos below of how I styled it along with the link to the brand.