About Me

Hey there! My name is Larissa Schot and I decided to express myself through writing. Iv’e never been that great at creating blogs but thought why not try! Sometimes I just have so much on my mind and wonder if others are thinking the same as me.

I’m originally from Houston, Texas and attended a private christian school till I was about fifteen. After that my parents dragged my sister and I to Singapore. I did not want to go because of how comfortable I felt here in Texas. I was so scared and nervous to attend the American School over there but when I arrived I LOVED it. It was SO safe and clean, and beautiful. Although I was always the odd one in school I felt more like myself there. I graduated high school there and afterwards decided to take time off of school to model. Unlike A LOT of my other classmates I did not attend college after school. I moved to HK to model, I loved it so much I decided to continue traveling and modeling. It was always a dream of mine since I was very young to break into the modeling industry. Although I am not 5’9 and above I thought I’d still give it a go.

Two years passed and I was still living and modeling in Asia, my family still lived in Singapore so it made it easy for me to come home whenever. When I was 21 I decided to finally start university. I applied to a business of fashion school called LIM which was based in NYC. I was accepted and the next few months packed up all my things and moved there. I loved New York (but it is exahusteing living there) and had a great friend growing up in Singapore that lived there. She introduced me to my now best friend Matt. I’m honestly not sure what I would have done without him and still do not know what I’d do without him in my life.

I lived and modeled there for two years until I decided to try LA out for a summer. I always wanted to visit and model there so I did! As I was up there I fell in love with it. I also had two other girl friends that I also grew up there with from Singapore. It made everything a bit easier. When I was up there I lived in a model/promoter apartment. It was NOT a glamours life, living with 8 other girls but I loved LA and was a temporary move (so I thought). The longer I was there the more in love I fell for LA. So then I decided to take all online classes and move there. I was there for about a year and met the most amazing people. As I am writing this I am currently on vacation with my family back in Houston. In the next couple of weeks I will be heading to Paris to model there and still continuning my college degree online.

I am so grateful for all my opportunities so I am creating this blog to write down all my ups and downs throughout life.