Probiotics: Physician’s Choice

Lets talk about Probiotics.

As we all know, there are soooo many different types of brands available. It took me a bit to find the one that works best for me. After a considerable amount of research and trials. I finally am dedicated to a brand called Physician’s Choice.

I purchase them off Amazon (one of my favorite sites, obviously). It comes in a bottle with a light blue label on it. Making it more fun to take my probiotics!

There are 60 billion probiotic CFUs, 10 strains, and a prebiotic fiber blend. According to Google, CFUs stand for; colony-forming units, which measures how potent a probiotic is. Those who guarantee a CFU means it is excellent gut health, therefore, even better for you. The strains indicate that each strain has a different effect on the body. So explains why this brand works so well.

Let me tell you, this brand definitely helps my gut!

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