Youth To The People Skin Care


Hope everyone is hanging in there during this time and staying safe.

I wanted to talk to you guys about these skincare products I came across. I went to this event in LA and was given small samples of different products. At that time, I was running out of my face wash and moisturizer. I saw in my goodie bag a brand called Youth To The People. It so happened to be both face wash and moisturizer. Which was EXACTLY what I needed.

I did some research and saw that Youth To The People was a vegan and sustainable brand. WHICH I LOVE.

Their small sample containers were so cute and appealing to the eye. Making it look adorable when on your bathroom counter. The face ash was in a mini clear glass bottle with the words “Spinach and Kale” written on it. The color of the wash was a light green (for obvious reasons). When applying the face wash, it was so lightweight and smooth!

I loved the texture of my skin after washing my face. It was NOT one of those facewash products that dry out your skin… I hate those..

The moisturizer was also in a mini clear glass lip balm jar, also with the words “Spinach and Kale”. It was a whipped texture, so when applying it, it felt so light, refreshing, and hydrating.

After using up all the samples, I was bummed and thought I HAVE to purchase these products. So I bought a big bottle of the facewash and a large jar of their moisturizer.

Since I have sensitive skin, a lot of the products I’ve used in the past would irritate my skin. I would form clumps of mini dots round my chin, making it look like I had an allergic reaction (not cute). With Youth To The People, my skin has never looked and felt so smooth and precise.

Highly recommend!

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