I am writing this post not to inform everyone about the facts we already know. But to thank those who are helping during this crisis and expressing what is on my mind.

To those doctors, nurses, grocery store employees, and many others who are dedicating their time to replenish the foods on the shelves and helping those who are sick. Thank you. During this overwhelming time, I know everyone working at the hospital is on call 24.7 and helping out any possible way you can.

To those bartenders, restaurant owners, fitness instructors, and small company owners. I understand this is a tough time for you guys. Stressing and trying to figuring out when you’ll be able to work again to bring in cash for yourself or your family. Given the circumstances, I hope you guys are hanging in there.

Parents; As my mom is a teacher. I can’t stress enough about working with your kids on their school work. This is a significant amount of time students are left from learning. Practicing with them a little bit on past assignments will help them in the long run. As we want to help build a group of young kids who can help change and educate the world!

To those about to graduate high school/college. I know this is a big moment for you guys. It is tough when your primary and most critical months are on hold. I know this is an unwanted moment for you guys. But all I can hope is that you all are staying sanitized and healthy.

Lastly. Can we please stop over purchasing masks, toilet papers, and sanitizers. Doctors and nurses are running low of masks as well as others who may not have essentials like toilet paper and sanitizer. So PLEASE purchase what you need at that moment. The over purchasing of products is affecting those who are trying to help cure us. Please be thoughtful!




  1. Bryan says:

    What is this situation teaching you?


    1. Larrywtf says:

      Given the circumstances, there are a couple of things that have come to mind from my own experiences:

      1.Being quarantined in a house with my family, no matter how crazy they drive me, has been a great time to bond with them.
      2.Not being able to go anywhere challenges your mind to become more creative with the resources you have around you. Although the circumstances are less than desirable, it’s been a good way to continue to challenge and grow as a person.
      3.The universal impact has been an eye opener. We should all be appreciative of everyone working in this world.
      4.Even though this has been a tough situation, I also view it as an opportunity for some people to relax and work on projects they never had time for – start a TV series with their loved ones or bond over a board game at home.



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