Billie The Label

I’ve slowly been posting a few photos wearing Billie The Label. Their sexy suits make any women feel confident and beautiful. I am a HUGE lover of them! I find it can give you the look of a confident businesswoman. The great thing about pantsuits is you can dress them up or down.

If you want to attend a business meeting, you can wear pants, a jacket with a tank, blouse, or turtle neck underneath and pairing it with heels if you want to make it look lees business. Wearing nothing or a bralette with the jacket and pairing it with some sneakers or booties gives it a more relaxed look. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, also wearing the coat with tights and boots or biker shorts is another way to style the jacket. Wearing the pants with just a tank and adding some accessories is also another way to wear the top and bottom separate.

Whether you are a woman looking for more business attire or a woman who’s just looking to look more business chic, Billie the Label is where it’s at!

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