Business/Personal Struggles In Marrakesh, Morocco

Hey there,

So on this podcast, Allegra and I spoke about all the struggles we were having in Marrakesh. We LOVE the city! I honestly didn’t want to leave at all, but while we were there doing business. We were on the brawl personally, as a brand and as women. My family doesn’t understand what I’m doing; I guess they think I’m traveling around and fucking off. Which I’m not, Allegra and I are working on Legs and Larry, contacting many clients to work with along with setting up meetings for London. Although not everyone is responding to my emails or following through, just, know we aren’t partying. So for anyone who thinks we are, we most definitely are not.

I am not sure if anyone else has the same struggle with people or family, not understanding your vision. There are many situations where I’ve had to push against my family because I have a passion. I believe in myself, even though they may not.

So for those who believe in themselves, go for it because at the end of the day that’s what’s going to make you happy. And not everyone is going to be on your side.


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