Larissa Schot

Interview with a real one and our insight on the modeling industry

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This Legs and Larry podcast, we sit down with our friend Ave and speak about her thoughts on the modeling industry. The pros and cons of modeling, advice to young men and women who are just starting out, and our take on social media.

I’ve known Ave for about six years. I met her when I first started modeling, we were in HK and she was roommates with my freind from high school. At the time she was a wild child and I was just a girl figuring out what was going on. We attended parties together and kept in touch over the years. Now six years later we are in the same country again doing very similar things. But now it’s less partying, more wine and photographing each other.

We have some agreements when it comes to the fashion industry and some disagreements. We both agreed that if these young men and women are modeling that they should be doing other activities. So when they are older, they have something else to fall back on.

This is one of my favorite podcasts because there is much advice and Insight for those who are interested in modeling.

Also we catch Allegra editing her eyes out of this photo. For some odd reason. I’ve posted what we were laught at below. It looks so freaky, I dont know what or why she did that hahahaha But she does look hot!! Take a look. 😀

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