The struggle of Legs and Larry

Hey guys!

The struggles we’re going through in creating a new brand and going against so many other bloggers and creatives. We speak about doubts people we love have about us and the timid feels of taking significant risks in life. Also, figuring out if the decision I made was the correct one.

I am honestly scared shitless at the moment. As I was supposed to be on a flight heading back to Texas Monday the 4th, but instead, I decided to miss my flight and stay in Europe longer. I felt as though I have so much more to accomplish here. There are relationships I need to make, images I need to create and growing I need to do as an artist. I felt if I left, then I’d be leaving my business partner and friend in the middle of growing our brand together. I am taking a risk in something I truly believe in. I am looking at the positives in this, and IF this risk were to fail, I know for a fact that I am challenging myself so much more as a person. Not only that but having other people around me respect me even more as an artist.

I am proud of my decision but also so stressed. I feel uncomfortable that I am testing myself so much. I know my gut is telling me I need to do this, but let me tell you I’M SCARED SHITLESS.

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Feeling le sien-mental

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