Larissa Schot

Our Taste In Men Has Changed.

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SO for this podcast on Legs and Larry. We talk about relationships, guys we’ve been into, how we feel about them, and scary/weird date stories. This episode makes us think about how our taste in men has changed. From being total dbags to finding more respectful men.

*** Appologizing, The beginning is a lot of nonscense, I am learning how to properly podcast.***

As we continued talking, I start to bring up some stories from past dates I’ve been on and why I have this idea that men are questionable. There is a story about someone locking me in an apartment and also some men saying some asinine shit. Allegra had a story about someone pulling a knife on her and also realizing she was dating an EX-heroin addict. SO many interesting topics that make me wonder no wonder why I’ve been single for so long. hahahah

Either way, I am learning and finding more respectful men that are treating me right, whether they are friends or guys I am into. All because I have more confidence in myself and have higher expectations. Changing your mindset about yourself not only brings more fabulous friends into your life but also men that are more chivalrous.

I hope you guys enjoy the podcast! We ramble a lot… Well, I ramble a lot.. Also, I apologize for the umms and annoying sound effects. Let us know your funny/weird date strories! ❤

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