Larissa Schot

Hey guys!

So for this podcast, we talk about how figuring out what you want in life (work-wise) is difficult and challenging. Finding those other interests may take a bit longer, depending on who you are. As for myself, it’s taken a while to understand what exactly I want to do in life. Although I’m still not 100 percent clear what my calling is. It’s becoming more and more transparent than it was before.

In this podcast, Allegra and I speak about how it’s great to follow your dreams, but those dreams may or may not come true. Having these dreams in life may help open other ideas and pathways for yourself. We also mention how it’s excellent to never totally feel comfortable in life because challenging yourself is what keeps you on your toes.

All and all, life is challenging, confusing, but you’re always evolving. So for those who are on the same page as us, hopefully, our rant was beneficial to hear.

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Not a mirror selfie 💁🏼‍♀️

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