UNI Life

Unlike my other classmates, I didn’t jump into college right after high school. At my international school back in Singapore, it was unusual not to attend college after completing your senior year. I am sure my classmates looked at me weird for making that decision. But I didn’t really care. I decided to give modeling a try and travel the world. I knew college would always be there, but these experiences wouldn’t.

Two years after high school, I finally applied for a University in NYC. That Fall, I was attending LIM College. The university was a school specifically for those who wanted to learn about the business of fashion. I chose their marketing major. During my first two years of University, I was living in NYC! It was always a dream to live there.

The first time I visited New York, I was 14 years old. I thought living here would be amazing, the city that never sleeps and always on the go. But when living there, I didn’t love it as much as I imagined. Which really bummed me out. Don’t get me wrong, I would definitely live there again, but not long term.

After my second year of university, I decided to check out LA and model there for the summer. I loved LA, more than I thought I would. I fell so much in love that I signed up for all my university classes online. This way, I could still be a full-time student and remain in the city I loved. I have now completed a year online and almost another semester. Since my school doesn’t have the marketing major all online, it has been a bit tricky. Making sure I’m taking the credits I need to graduate. Before this semester started, I called the head of my school and my academic advisor many MANY times to help me find classes I needed that were available. It took ALL summer to find some that were open. It wasn’t until the last day of registration that I was all set. It was a massive pain in the ass…

People say taking all their classes online would be difficult because they would need to be in class to ask the teachers questions and learn the information. I used to agree with that, I never thought I’d be able to complete my courses online. But I actually prefer it so much more, I can do everything on my own time. While trying to achieve my other tasks in life. If I can’t figure something out, I either google it or ask a friend/family member. It’s definitely hard balancing out everything, and sometimes I get so frustrated with school. Just because I want to be using my energy on other matters that are important to me in life. But what can you do, I basically just have to manage my time and bring my computer everywhere. So anytime I am free during the day I can go to a café and work.

All and all being a student is time-consuming and challenging. Especially when you’re following your dreams, traveling, and working as a model. If anyone is thinking about doing the same thing, I recommend it. But just as long as you can work hard and stay on top of everything.

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