Skin Problems

Does anyone else get these weird breakouts on their face and you never know why?!

So I sometimes I get these tiny little white bumps on my face. They appear and disappear. It looks like an allergic reaction from something because it would come and go throughout the day or week. It was so annoying because sometimes they were there and sometimes they weren’t. I was confused about what was happening. I kept asking myself, am I eating something differently? Am I applying something to new to my skin? Is it my pillowcase? All these questions and didn’t know what was going on.

My friend wanted to stop by the Kiehl’s store to view their skin products. While I was there, I started asking the employee questions about my skin. I told her I was using their moisturizer in the morning and night but wasn’t sure why at times I was getting this irritation on my face.

It turns out the cause of these small little bumps was because the product I was using was too strong for my skin. I needed to use something lighter to let my skin breathe. The employee gave me these samples of a lighter moisturizer that I could use in the morning called Ultra Facial Oil Free Gel Creame. Then a night serum called Midnight Recovery Concentrate to use in the evening. My skin hasn’t had any weird breakouts or irritation since changing my routine.

I was in shock that the few years of having this problem, the cause of this was just because my product was too strong for my skin. WHO KNEW?!

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