So the funniest and most awkward thing happened yesterday. 

After I had an éthiopien dinner with my friends (I tried liking the food, but unfortunately it was not for me), I decided to go to a bar. It was this dive bar that was packed full of people. I didn’t realize the Parisien soccer game was on. There were quite a few young attractive guys there, and in the back of this bar, there was a guy I thought was sooo handsome. He was a tall thin guy who had a chiseled face. He was brunette with semi curly hair and had the most beautiful skin. He was wearing these adorable glasses that made him look like a cute fashionable nerd. I’m a baby when going up to guys and my friends pushed me to go up to him for about 30 min. I can’t express how much of a baby I was. I usually have more confidence and look more composed when I do approach guys, becuase I know I’m beautiful and smart. But this time I was more nervous than usual, and I KNOW it was the fact that the whole bar was seated and crammed so when I walked in everyone could see me VERY clearly ( I also was sober af). 

I refused to go into the bar to talk to him, my guy friend and my best girl friend who I was with went to search for him. ( I was also against them doing that) they came back and said he looked so confused about what was going on and that I just needed to do it. 

My guy friend goes to this small food stand next to the bar. Gets a pen and paper, writes my number on it then hands it to me and says “give this to him.” At this point, I’m so over this situation and feel super uncomfortable, anxious, and even more nervous. My number is a US number for WhatsApp, and I have a Parisian number that I don’t know for calling. The number he handed me was my Whatsapp number. 

After 40 mins I eventually gained the confidence to walk into this room full of guys and hand my number to him (not even knowing if my number will work when he texts me, or if he can even speak English) oh and the paper didn’t have my name on it.. lol. 

When I nervously handed my number to him I said word vomiting “Hi here’s my number, umm it doesn’t have my name on it, umm but yah, I’m super awkward” (by this time my back was towards him and I’m about to runoff while making some weird hand gesture) I felt like a child… I don’t know what was wrong with me…

 But as I leave the bar, my friends outside started cheering, and gets everyone outside bar to cheer also. ( It was like a fucking movie ) I yell to my friends that my Uber is here and we need to go!

As we are getting into the Uber, I turn around and see the guy outside looking for me and asking people where I went and if they saw me. 

Honestly, who knows if he will find me or if my number will work for him. But it was the funniest experience and most awkward situation that has happened. DEFINITELY one for the books. 

So if he texts me, I’ll let y’all know. Till then, we will have to wait and see. ❤️😂

Before the embarrassment.

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