The bts hard work in the fashion industry you don’t see.

My agent in Paris

Hey guys! I just want to talk about all the hard work these artists, models, agents, bloggers, fashion designers, casting directors, etc. put into the industry. Whether it is for paid or free project. Many people think Hollywood, and fashion is a glamours lifestyle. But little do everyone know it isn’t as glamours as everything thinks it is. Don’t get me wrong; there are many fantastic opportunities us artist get that others don’t. Whether it is traveling, meeting celebrities, or attending these amazing parties.

But the fashion industry is a cut-throat and competitive industry to work in. Many young artists are working their asses off to accomplish their dreams and goals. I meet so many people that are struggling with income but continue to work the hardest they can to learn, grow, and be successful. There are more failures in the industry, especially in the beginning than success. Free work and low paid jobs that many people take on hoping it will be beneficial to them in the future. Many individuals are hustling, taking on different roles to learn and meet others in the industry, although a lot of people may barely be getting by. It’s part of the fight when it comes to this industry. Late-night edits, and last minute jobs, and a lot of questions on why you love what you love.

Stylist who are fighting their way to the top while attending events to get their name out there and working every day of the week, including weekends. As the same goes with photographers and makeup artist. I must say as a model who is one of those that are persistent in their dream. I have a whole lot of respect for those agents managing us models. They continuously have to handle models with different personalities. Making sure we are receiving our castings, work schedule, and also directing our image at the same time. Each girl has a different goal and vision in the fashion industry. Whether it is the girl booking the campaigns, your sex appeal girl, or your edgy fashion girl.

When I younger, I never appreciated or noticed all the hard work these men and women put into their crafts. It is incredible to talk to these people and understand that although it looks super easy from the outside. To dress a model, to photograph a model, to even cast the correct model or even to be a successful blogger isn’t easy. The industry is growing, and the amount of competition is crazy.

So I wanted to write something to tell everyone in the fashion industry to keep doing what they are doing because the hard work will eventually pay off!

ALSO, I think I’m going to start interviewing these artists so those not in the fashion industry can understand all the effort they put into what they are passionate about! ❤


Larry xx

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