Collagen Creamer. That I love!

As we all know, collagen is the new big trend right now! Collagen is a protein in your body, which helps your skin, bones, and gut. The main reason why I’m so into it, is it helps prevent wrinkles and your gut! And who doesn’t want to help avoid wrinkles and also that digestive system?!

I recently came across this brand called Vital Proteins, I personally love this brand because you can either purchase them in a whole container or travel packets. They also carry many other products that have collagen in them (my fave is the vanilla creamer). The travel size works best for me since I’ve been moving around a lot. I specifically chose the travel size not only because of how easy it to travel with but you can throw it in your coffee whenever.

I am a big coffee drinker so whether I’m making iced or hot coffee I can easily use this for extra flavor. For that hot coffee, I just cut open the packet and mix it in. If I were wanting it in my iced coffee that I got from Trader Joes (Trader Joes black canned coffee) or Whole Foods (La Colombe black canned coffee). I’ll use my non-dairy cashew milk (love me some cashew milk) chuck that into a separate cup, add some cinnamon, maybe a splash of cayenne (I’m crazy, but I love that extra kick) heat up the cashew milk and fire in my Vital Proteins packet mix. Then just pour it into my iced coffee. Sometimes I like extra sweetness, so I drizzle honey on top, or I’ll add it to the cashew milk before warming it up!

it’s so good! and even if I’m traveling and don’t have any type of milk. I’ll just add it to my coffee and it gives it a nice flavor.

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