Online brands.

Online shopping obviously has a significant take on our lives. There is now way more options online than in stores. Which can be good and bad. I get so overwhelmed by how many stores there are and all the options that we are given. So I tend to just stick to the same few stores I know works best for me.

Most the stores I will be listing are pretty reasonable and are great/decent quality.

  1. My absolute favorite online store: Revolve, It has a wide range of options, sizes, and styles for any occasion. Returning is super easy also. 
  2. Missguided: I’ve ordered a few things here and been happy with a vast amount of it. Their quality is pretty solid, and if you’re on a budget, it’s even better. I specifically buy their blouses that are trending. 
  3. BNKR: This is an LA-based store. They carry different labels, which I love because it gives you the option to select the vibe you’re looking for. Although my favorite line is Finders Keepers and C/MEO Collective. Just because Finder Keepers is a bit more girli and C/MEO is more edgy.
  4. Princess Polly: So many cute options and great quality, especially for their prices. I typically purchase items here for my casual day wear. This brand also carries many other popular labels and have a video clip of the model wearing the item. (which I love the most)
  5. Boohoo: Another store for those that are on a budget. I wouldn’t recommend purchasing any dresses from them. But for their blouses and jackets, I recommend. I have a few of their coats and love them all!
  6. NastyGal: Another famous online brand, again for an on-budget and trending pieces! Takes a bit of time for them to deliever. So if you’re looking for something last minute I reccomend another site.
  7. Alice and Oliva: One of my favorite stores. Everything I purchase from them I get so many compliments! (Their bottoms are what I buy here the most. )
  8. For Loves and Lemons: This is also a line Revolve carries. All the items fit amazing, and I’m always receiving compliments on their pieces. I love the asthetic of their site and thier outfits. Hoping to one day work with them. ❤ 
  9. Rent The Runway: Ok, so I’ve never personally rented anything from here. But my girl friend is obsessed with it. She loves wearing a few of those trendy items that will go out of style fast. She wears the pieces to work/dinners/vacation etc. Then returns it and chooses another style. Its eco friendly and you’re able to rent 4 pieces at once. Something I will definitely be trying! 🙂

There will be other new brands I’ll be testing out, but if you have any reccomendations or brands you love lmk!


  1. Michy V says:

    I really love Cotton Citizen lately! Their jeans fit like a freaking glove and I like how it makes me look taller. Also, their tees are so easy to style and in great quality, too.


    1. Larrywtf says:

      I’ll have to try it out!


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