Body Positivity

I want women to embrace who they are, feel amazing in their own skin and happy about themselves. When I was in LA, living in a model apartment, I met this amazing girl named Sophia Cosettex. She is this beautiful plus size woman who expressed the problems she had encountered being her size. The more we hung out, the more she educated me on this topic. She helped me  have a much better understanding of what issues a plus size woman struggles through, whether it was how she felt when growing up as a child or on a daily basis. Although I will never 100 percent understand what it feels like to be a plus size woman, I think all women struggle through some of the same insecurities. No matter your shape or size, there will always be people that will judge you. 

As a naturally thin woman, I also have felt insecure about my body. My body fluctuates in weight a decent amount depending on my daily schedule.  People don’t always understand that being told you’re too thin could be just as offensive and hurtful as being told you’re too big. I believe as long as a woman feels confident and healthy about themselves, it shouldn’t matter what size you are. I know in today’s society it is hard to fully feel 100 percent comfortable with yourself.. My wish is that more people who struggle with how they view their body can just accept that “as long as YOU feel happy and great about YOURSELF then fuck what anyone else thinks”. I say that but I also know the struggle. I still have trouble accepting my body and understanding that no matter what size I am not everyone is going to love what I look like. Everyone has different body types, personalities, and traits they think are attractive or they prefer.  If everyone were drawn to one body type, one character, or one look, then the world would be boring. I find comfort in thinking that is the reason everyone is different in some way.

I want anyone who is feeling insecure about themselves to try as hard as you can to stop worrying about what others think. As a young girl I continually overthought and took any comments people expressed about my body personally. I learned to quit caring and once I stopped giving fucks I felt so much more satisfied with myself. Whether you are super skinny, fit, plus or whatever you look like, learn to be happy with yourself. Because you must love and accept yourself before anyone else can. 


  1. Sophia says:

    I’m so excited to read all your posts! Love you Larissa ❤️ thank you for sharing this message!


    1. Larrywtf says:

      Love you Sophia!!


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