The Ups and Downs of Modeling

I started modeling when I was 18yrs old in Singapore. It was something I was interested in for a while, but I didn’t start till my last semester of high school. As a shorter model, it was ALWAYS challenging for me to sign with top agencies. But like the stubborn girl I am, I didn’t let that stop me. I wanted to be one of the few to fight for a dream and have it come true. I wanted to show anyone who had a dream that no matter how many times you’re told no, keep pushing forward.

When I was younger, meeting with agencies and attending castings would intimidate me. I would always think to myself before any meeting, “great someone else who’s going to reject me.” I would ask myself why I wanted to continue modeling when all people ever said to me was no? But as I pondered that question, I finally realized that it didn’t matter how many times people told me no. I wanted to keep pushing to improve myself as a model and finally have people in the industry recognize me. Since I’m not tall compared to the average top model, I had to learn my angles and know what jobs would work best for me. I cannot express how many times I’ve been denied. But since I’m stubborn with anything I do, and even more with something I’m passionate about, I will continue to improve myself.

At this point, I’ve been told no so many times that it doesn’t affect me. I used to cry, wishing I was taller, more beautiful and looked like the next top model. At this point in life, I give no fucks. I’ve embraced the fact that I am not 5’9 and above nor look like a bombshell beauty. I realized that’s what makes me different than anyone else. I’ve accepted that I am Larissa Schot. Why do I want to look like my idols Kate Moss, Gisele Bundchen, Elsa Hosk, and Emily Ratajkowski? Sure these beautiful models are killing it with their gorgeous looks and hardworking spirit, but I want to be my own person. I want to succeed as myself and for myself. Instead of wishing I were these women I listed, I learn from them. What truly made them succeed is thier confidence. I look up to these women and aspire to be as confident and successful as they are, but as Larissa Schot.

Modeling has always been my calling ever since I was little. I LOVE modeling because it’s challenging, gets you to experience other places in life and you meet SO MANY amazing people from different upbringings. Even though I don’t know specifically what I want to do after modeling, I do want to work in fashion. I’m grateful that I’m surrounded and inspired by so many artists and business owners that show me different perspectives. It makes this industry so enjoyable, even outside of a shoot.

My favorite aspect though is when I’m on set for a shoot. I feel happy and full of life. Even though not all jobs are exciting, I am fortunate to do something I love and enjoy. Whenever you have a fantastic team on set, it makes the whole shooting process even more eventful and thrilling. It just feels like a bunch of friends gathering and creating together.

I hope to one day inspire girls/boys/men/women and show it doesn’t matter how crazy your dream is. Fighting for it will make you appreciate the hard work and struggles you went through to achieve it. People should not feel the need to follow the same path everyone else is doing. Instead follow your own path to do what makes you happy.

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