Growing up in Singapore was magnificent. I could not have asked for any other place to grow up at, as a young girl. I would love to return and live there again in the future. Everything was spotless; the streets, the trains, subways, school, EVERYTHING. Not only that but the city was so safe; it did not matter if I were outside at 2 pm or 3 am I knew I was safe.

The first couple of years my family and I moved to Holland Village, it was near a few things, and there were many expats from European countries that lived around there. We had a great view of Singapore, but a few years later my parents decided to move more towards the city. We were right across a place called the American Club; I would walk there every day to get food, coffee, gym, drinks, and meet up with friends. It was my favorite spot since it was so close and had everything I needed (Even the American groceries I missed). This apartment was and still is my FAVORITE place I have ever lived. We had a view of the whole city, and it was a ten-minute walk from the mall. What can I say, I’m a girl who loves to shop.

Attending school in Singapore was extremely different than what I was use to in Texas. The only thing similar was we had uniforms. The classes in Singapore were so much more challenging than what I was use to in Houston. Sports were more competitive (which I loved), and there were sooo many different cultures all in one building. I would walk down the hallways and hear so many different languages; I was in shock. It was one of the reasons why I loved my school. Being surrounded by so many different cultures was eye-opening as a young woman.

In high school, I was on the volleyball team and softball team, one year I even took part in touch rugby. So that I could learn about the sport and stay active, it was tiring juggling, school, sports, and social life but many students did, and I must say it helped me learn to manage time.

While living in Singapore, there are many countries to visit us. I went on family vacations, had school interims (where we would immerse ourselves in the culture) and also traveled alone at 18 because of modeling. I was able to travel to Barcelona, Myanmar, Bangkok, KL, Australia, Phuket, Bali, China, Japan (which I loved), Taipei, Jakarta, and more. Looking back at everything makes me appreciate my life even more. The experiences I’ve taken away from everything and the cultures I was able to see was breathtaking. Traveling to all these countries at a young age is one of the reasons why I still LOVE and want to continue traveling. I hope everyone who gets the opportunity to travel takes it because opening up yourself and your mind is something that everyone should do!

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  1. I love Singapore and although I was not there in the Spring I could return anytime!


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